Lilmalama FAQs

Is Limalama DKS different than any other sport?

ABSOLUTELY! The martial arts does not require defeating someone else to be a winner.

What can I expect to learn in class?

Not only will you get an excellent workout, but at Limalama DKS  you will also improve your focus, discipline, self-worth, and confidence.

My child is being bullied. Will this help?

Yes. After training for just a short time, students begin to carry themselves differently. They look people in the eye when talking. They stand taller and more confident.

Will training in martial arts make my child overly aggressive?

No, just the opposite is true. Children are taught that martial arts are not to be used in aggression, but rather to defend one’s self as a last resort. Aggressive behavior is channeled into assertiveness to increase the child’s self-esteem, increase self-discipline and build character. It is a strict rule that children are not allowed to practice martial arts techniques on siblings or friends.

Do you have a family discount?

Yes, come on in and well will give you a family discount.

My child has physical limitations (overweight, not coordinated), will the classes be too difficult for them?

One of the biggest advantages of training at Limalama DKS is you train at your level of ability. As your coordination, balance and skill improve, your challenges increase.

How many classes should my child be taking each week to progress through the belt system?

We have found two to three classes are optimal for best results without the “burnout effect”.

How early should I start my child in martial arts and why?

We have classes designed to enthuse and enhance children as young as 5 years old.

Why should I choose martial arts training over other forms of exercise?

Martial arts goes far beyond physical exercise, it engages your mind and spirit with your training.  The physical training develops the abs, back, and chest which generate power and balance.  Much of the power generated in kicking and punching techniques comes from your core.

The mental training comes from the vast variety of techniques, self-defense, one steps, and forms.  Your mind stays connected to your training versus just walking on a treadmill.

You will also develop a level of strength and fitness that is hard to achieve in other activities. Kicking and punching, stance training, throwing, and other martial arts movements are all exercises that involve almost every muscle in your body.

Regardless of which skill level you are working on the result is a great workout. Many beginner martial artists comment that they feel great because they are using muscles they didn’t even know they had.

Besides muscular development, martial arts is an almost non-stop cardio workout. A typical martial arts class is an effective total body interval workout. There can be periods of movement that require less effort, followed by intense bursts of effort. Many experts agree that interval training is an effective method of burning fat, improving conditioning, and seeing amazing results. Plus, since you are focused on perfecting a technique and not just exercising, it is easier to keep your mind off of feeling tired.

Finally, martial arts training provides other benefits that are simply not found in an exercise class. First and foremost, you learn valuable skills that can help you defend yourself if a dangerous situation ever arises. Also, improved confidence and self-discipline can be life-changing for some people. Finally, the martial arts world can open many doors for people. The friendships you form in training can last a lifetime. The people you meet and experiences you have are simply not available by just showing up at a gym, working out, and then leaving. Martial arts can be a method of getting in shape, but it can also be something much more. It can be a wonderful, memorable experience.

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