Sensei Alexandra Dearie

Sensei Alexandra Dearie

Sensei Alejandra DearieAlexandra Dearie started her discipline in Karate when she was 6 years old. She proudly received her black belt in 2019. She is currently a senior at West Hills High School. Her love for sports is something that is not limited to the karate studio, at school she is currently taking sports medicine courses that complete her as a sports advocate. She claims that she has done this to be able to associate her knowledge with karate. In Sensei’s high school journey, she has done sports like Dive, Waterpolo, and Varsity Swim.

After high school, Sensei would like to study sports psychology with the desire to open her own dojo in the future and pass on the knowledge that she has adapted and learned at Dearie Karate Studio to the upcoming generations. 

Sensei Alexandra was ranked number one in her country in 2022 in the division for point fighting. She has participated around the United States, and Mexico and has a bright future for the upcoming years. 


Sensei Alexandra’s Biggest Competition Accomplishments 

Chicago 2022

  • 1st place Tall Division Jrs.
  • 3rd place Open weight Jrs. 

Mexico National 2022, ages 15-17

  • 2nd -60 point fighting
  • 3rd -65 point fighting 

Mexico National 2020, ages 15-17

  • 3rd open weight point fighting
  • 2nd place -55 point fighting 

 Regional macro (Mexico) 2021, ages 15-17

  • 1st -60 point fighting
  • 1st -65 point fighting 
  • 3rd open weight point fighting

Sensei Alejandra Dearie

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